Internal GPS connector position for MAX BR1 MK2

I had to open my MAX BR1 MK2 to retrieve a small SIM card I mistaken inserted. After retrieving it, I added a full size carrier, and the unit works great (very good bandwidth). Unfortunately, the internal cable for the GPS antenna popped off the circuit board connector, and I did not see to which connector it had been connected. What as the label of the connector to which it should be attached? Is it J15?

Hello @WilliamJEarl,
Welcome to the Peplink Forum, glad to see you got your bandwidth and SIM Card working.

The GPS cable will connect to the Cellular Daughterboard normally, the connection is in between the two cellular antenna cables and will be labelled with GPS.
Take care to protect both you and device from and electrical static discharge when working on the cable inside of the enclosure.

If you have any issues, please contact your Authorised Local Peplink Partner for additional help or can raise a Peplink Support Ticket & optionally sharing your ticket number here.
Let us know how things go.
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Marcus :slight_smile:

What is the label for the GPS connector on the card, not the box?   The label on the box is obvious.