Internal domain name within the network

Hey everyone,

I’m setting up a medium size network with a Peplink Balance Core. I have a NVR for a load of IP CCTV cameras at this site. I want the NVR to be accessible within the network but also externally of the network using a domain name (so the clients don’t have to remember an IP for on site access and a we address for external access).

How can can I go about doing this? Would I need and internal DNS server or does the balance core have nat loop Back?

If the NVR is being accessed from within the network I don’t want it to be routed externally and then back to the NVR.

Many Thanks



Assume the registered domain for the IP CCTV:

External user access will accessing the WAN IP address for Balance One.

For local access, you can setup a local DNS records to achieve this. For more information, please refer to the screenshot below:

IP address will be resolved when user access within the local network.

P/S: Make sure user devices is configure or get DHCP IP from Balance One as local DNS server.

Thank You