Internal AP very slow, sometimes not enabled

I recently purchased the MAX Cat18 model and there are a couple major issues with it:

  1. about 50% of the time when I turn the unit on, the internal AP does not broadcast at all (broadcast ssid is enabled). The only way to fix this is to reboot the unit, and then the internal AP will be running again.

  2. the internal AP is extremely slow. I can get up to about 14-15mbps from it. If I plug in to the cat5 port I have no speed restriction, or if I connect a secondary wireless AP it works fine, but the internal AP is just ridiculously slow, especially given the cost of this unit.

QoS is disabled, no VPN, more or less stock configuration.

unit details:

|Model|Pepwave MAX Transit|
|Product Code|MAX-TST-GLTE-G-T-PRM|
|Hardware Revision|2|
|Firmware|8.1.1 build 5040|
|PepVPN Version|9.1.0|

Are these known issues or does anyone know of potential fixes?

+1 I am having a similar issue. Have had mine for about 2 months now and no improvement with the issue. Rather irritating given the money spent on this and the antenna that I bought with it.