Intermittent connection - PEPLINK 710

Hai I need help. I have PEPLINK 710, firmware 6.3.1 build 1631. Connected to 2 ISPs - ISP A with 5 WAN, each 800mbps, ISP B with 1 WAN, 300mbps.

For the past weeks, the connection become intermittent. In general we have 3 VLAN, 1 for each building floor. Each user 1 fixed IP. Random user at different vlans is having intermittent network. They need to unplug network cable. turn off the machine. wait for 30 seconds. plug back the cable. on the machine then network will connected again, but after a few hours, it will dc again.

I can’t figure out the issue. Please advice

This sounds like network (LAN) issue. I suggest contacting your point of purchase to do further checking.

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