Intermittant failure of local ping & new connections [MAX BR1 MK2]

Wondering if anyone could help with a strange issue on a MAX BR1 MK2 LTEA

At random times, the LAN port will start failing to respond to ping from devices attached to it. The PepWave also will not respond to its own ping test (running it from System > Ping and trying to ping its own IP from its own LAN adaptor returns:

“Ping: sendmsg: operation not permitted”). This also happens to the Cellular interface trying to ping outbound to When this happens, new connections through the Cellular start to fail - I have PRTG monitoring below the PepWave loading a small web page every 60secs. I also have it pinging the PepWave. Both fail at the same time. I have another PRTG Probe connected on WiFi to rule out the LAN port & cabling - both fail ping responses at the same time and stop being able to load the test web page. The cellular stays connected the whole time, and existing connections such as TeamViewer will stay running with no problem, but any new connections will fail and any new clients joining the PepWave will get no internet. If I have the Cellular on Ping mode for its health check, that will fail and bring down the Cellular, but leaving it on Smart Check will keep it up, and it genuinely does keep active TCP & UDP connections alive as I’m connected remotely to it via TeamViewer.

The only way to resolve this is to reboot the whole PepWave, not just the cellular. Seems to be some internal routing failure but happens completely sporadically, anywhere from a few minutes, hours, day or 2 days from a reboot.

I’ve tried firmware 7.0.1 and 8.0.0, both exactly the same. I have cleared config entirely and re-set up with the bare minimum (just APN details for the 4G SIM). It also does it regardless of what provider’s SIM is in the PepWave.

Is my PepWave faulty? Seems like such an odd thing to happen to a fully working device.

Hello @OceanWeb-TomPoole,
You may be best to “Open a Support Ticket” with Peplnik

Once you have your support ticket, post the ticket number here for the Peplink team to link this and your ticket together.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

What was the resolution here? I have the problem with the same product. It fails ping tests on a healthy WLan and fails over. Rebooting fixes it for a while. Cant make it reconnect manually after the ping fail.