Interface Aggregation


Does Peplink 310 support link aggregation (802.3ad) as we have a stacked Core Switch and we want to connect it to both devices.


Ah… we are actually looking closely at 802.3ad NIC bonding. Not entirely sure what model this will be available in at the moment but yes this is where we are heading.

Having said that, any more details you could share about your topology and application? The more you can share with us, the better we can fine-tune our direction.

Moving this to Feature Request for the time being to hear more from the community. Any thoughts, guys?

+1 :up:

Would love to see this feature in the Peplink Balance 30. I plan to buy a Synology Diskstation NAS which has two gigabit ports that support 802.3ad. It would be great if the Peplink router supports it as well so that this feature can be taken advantage of.