Integrated VoIP Appliance with Cloud MOS Server within InControl2


Hey Guys,

After putting in some thought. Please see below there following requests and if they are feasible within the next 1-2 years.

  1. Integrate physically and logically a SIP aware ESBC style firewall for VoIP. Have 2 physically separated WAN and 4 LAN for this appliance. This appliance can only be activated with a License key. All the while there is still the entire other part of the Balance unit that stays the exact path you guys are pursuing currently. Again this is physically all on same Balance device or separate appliance.

  2. Creating a cloud MOS server in InControl2, also only usable with license key. This is where we will connect our VoIP appliance side of the Balance to for MOS scoring and analysis.

Anyway this is my reincarnated 2 cents as I am waiting for the day for Peplink to announce such a feature. Let me know what you think about the feasibility of such a product.




Hey is there any news on your R&D team for MOS scoring in the future?


Hey Guys,

Since you are implementing a DPI engine in InControl2 isn’t it feasible to implement MOS Engine for VoIP analysis?

I can’t tell you how much this would help. We have hundreds of Balances and Soho’s in the field and most are now out of warranty and cant be used in InControl2. If Peplink were to implement a MOS Engine in InControl2 it would justify our team getting a budget to upgrade warranty on all Peplink/Pepwave devices in the field and going forward as we primarily use Peplink for our hosted VoIP deployments.

We are one of Coredial’s first re-sellers which I know you guys have partnered with in getting your product out to the rest of their res-seller base. We are on the Pack 10 team at Coredial and were a huge if not the biggest reason the rest of the re-seller base at Coredial turned to Peplink from Edgemarc in many cases. We know for a fact that every re-seller that uses Peplink is very happy but is missing the one key ingredient which is the MOS analysis. This would put you guys are the top, IMO.

Coredial may be offering soon a solution called VeloCloud an SD-WAN solution as well. A VeloCloud edge device will sit at customer site and would connect directly to Coredial data centers. This would compete with Speedfusion.

Anyway, thanks for listening to our needs.