Installed CAT6A 26awg SSTP cable to feed AP Minis

Claiming ignorance here. Thinking STP cabling was better. Reading about it now a few months after install and seems more trouble than it’s worth and can even cause more problems. Proper grounding being main issue

I honestly haven’t encountered any issues as far as I know but would like some advice.

I have 2 AP minis Poe wired to a Trendnet Poe switch. One ap mini has a 75 ft cable run up to attic installed top floor ceiling.

Other AP mini is installed about 25ft in basement ceiling.

The STP cable is connected direct to AP from switch. I do have metal shielded keystone Jack but decided not to use it for esthetics.

Should I rerun UTP cabling?

potential fire hazards without proper grounding?

Thanks for tips and advice

Hell no.

Don’t see how.

If all is working as expected leave it well alone and go look for other things to worry about :slight_smile:


Lol. Thanks!

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