Insert PFSense Appliance between 210 & Lan Clients


I need assistance with the configuration to allow inserting a PFSense SG-3100 appliance between my Balance 210 Router and my Lan Clients. I run the AWS VPN Solo tunnels on the other side of my 210. I will admit my limited (but growing knowledge) of network design right upfront.

I have tried turning off DHCP on my PFSense appliance and set both the “Wan” side and the Lan side of the appliance with static IP’s. This allowed communication with the internet but not with my Lan.

I suspect I need to configure using a DMZ and/or port forwarding. No doubt I have a double NAT. Also, I know the 210 supports drop in mode but once again I am at a loss as to how to configure my devices.

Here is a drawing of my setup and where I would like to insert the PFSense appliance.


Something like…

This should work in their latest version with similar methodology.


Hi Ben,

Thanks very much for your support on this. After many weeks of scanning the internet and trying the various iterations of configuration in PFSense I have decided to switch over to Untangle. Once I got over the issue of installing Untangle and repartitioning the hard drive to remove PFSense I was able to use the Bridge Mode that is an option at the initial setup of Untangle. It seems to be working well and in short order.

Thanks again for your assistance!