Influencing Return route via Secondary ISP

Hi all

Have been cracking my head over these requirement by my client.
I’m hoping someone here able to give some advise.
Or is this even possible?

See diagram.


  1. For FTP-1 traffic, both Inbound & outbound traffic via ISP A
  2. For FTP-2 traffic, both inbound & outbound traffic via ISP B
  3. Achieve failover during ISP downtime.

I got no problem with configuring the outbound for both FTP-1 & FTP-2.
The complication comes-in on the inbound for FTP-2.
How can I influence the inbound of FTP-2 traffic coming back via ISP B.

I using an external DNS server delegating sub-domains to the Link Balancer, illustrated in this URL: Peplink | Pepwave - Forum

I know there’s a priority setting for DNS Server propagation. However this is a global setting, I can’t specified it for specific Domain Names in the Peplink.


Hi Anthony,

It is possible by setting connection priority for A record. Please go Network -> DNS Settings -> Click your Domain Name -> New A Record.

Please find the attached for the ftp1 and ftp2 settings.

By the way, WAN 1 and WAN 2 should have different public IP subnet.

Thanks Liew.
You’re a lifesaver.
I’ve been looking at the answer all the times, but just didn know it’s there.


Hi Anthony,

Glad to hear that your problem solved.