Individual bandwidth limit in Surf SOHO?

So, before I return my SOHO to the store I bought it from, I’d like to know:

Is there ever going to be support for individual bandwidth limitation (meaning, limiting a specific client’s bandwidth based on their IP or MAC address)?

This router is a nice piece of kit but does not have the one function I really need to keep it. I know there is bandwidth limiting by connection and a general bandwidth throttling option, but not all hosts on the network need to be limited this way.

Thanks for any/all help and answers.

There are no immediate plans to add this to the SOHO but your feature request is well noted.

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Any update on this? I’d love yo be able to limit my kids’ bandwidth usage.

Does the SOHO support user groups? Sorry, I don’t have one personally.

If so, you have three groups - guest, staff, and manager. Put your kids IP address in “guest”, and put the rest of your devices in “staff”. Leave manager unused.

Now you can define download limits for all devices in those groups using the “bandwith” shaping features. (Assuming they exist on the SOHO)

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No user groups in my SOHO. Unless it’s an Add-On Feature that I don’t know about. I haven’t figured out what that is actually.