InControl2 unable to move unit to organizational unit

Hi all,

We have a demo/NFR TST-DUO-UE-T on stock that I need for testing purposes.
The problem is that the TST-DUO has been assigned to an organization of one of our customer because they used it for a test once.
Im not able to move it to our organization. Could you possibly do this ?
xxxx-xxxx-xxxx this is the serial number of the unit
[email protected] [email protected] , you can use 1 of these email’s.

We would like to hear from you.
thanks in advance

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For such request, please open a support case for support team to check. Support team need to verify the ownership for the device base on the procedure before the device can be remove from customer Organization. This is the policies that we need to follow before we can proceed the request.

Supposedly :

  1. You should contact your customer to remove the device from their IC2 group.

  2. For test devices IC2 access, you should assign permission access for the device from your IC2 group to customer instead of given then device and managing their own IC2 account to avoid such issue.

Note : I have helped you to removed the DEVICE SN and email address info from your previous post that you not suppose to share those info publicly here.

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