Incontrol2 Outbound Policy and Firewall rules

We recommend managing the Outbound Policy and Firewall rules via Incontrol in environments with many Peplink devices. But some users want to define some different firewall rules/outbound policies on each of their devices. However, when a standalone firewall rule/outbound policy is defined on the device web interface, it is automatically deleted. Is it possible to different define firewall rules both from Incontrol and from the device?
(We tried “preserve their outbound policy rules (Default)” but it didn’t work. Also, could you please share more details for this option?)

Thank you

The “Preserve…” option is what you’re looking for. You can just exclude the devices that need device-specific OBP or firewall rules from being selected by any rule sets. Then you can update their OBP or firewall rules on the devices’ web admin. InControl will keep the rules defined on the devices intact.

If you find any issues, please create a support ticket and let us know the device’s s/n.