InControl2 One Group Missing "WiFi AP" Menu Icon

We have a number of groups setup in InControl2 and all the groups except one have the 'WiFi AP" menu item in the top bar. This one group currently has AP One Enterprise devices in it that are currently managed by the local router. We want to move the AP Management of these in-service AP One Enterprise devices from the Router to InControl2 but we cannot configure the Radio Settings or SSIDs since there is no menu item available.


I cannot find anywhere in the group or organizational settings where this “WiFi AP” menu can be turned on or off. How do we get this menu item to show up for this group?

Could it be that if your group has no AP devices then IC2 does not show the menu? I’d suggest adding your AP to the group and would expect the WiFi menu item to appear.



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Hi Zegor. Thanks for the suggestion. There are already three AP One Enterprise APs in the group.

I suggest you click the Feedback button on the right edge of the page and report to us if you still see the problem.


The group is not seeing any devices eligible for management, as they are already under the control of your router’s AP controller. Removing them from local management should allow IC2 to administer them.

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Yes, that worked just fine. Thanks!