InControl2: Having trouble adding devices to groups

Hey Community,

At around 10:30am EST on Jan 6th, I suddenly experienced issues adding devices to my IC2 groups. This has never happened before, So I believed that my system was the cause. I cleared all browsing data out of my Google Chrome and restarted my computer entirely. However, IC2 still does not add my devices. I am not getting an error of the device already being added to another group. I, simply, experience a stall when I click “Add Device”. Has anyone experienced such a thing before?

The device’s record has been corrected. You should be able to add the serial number now.

Hi Mr. Chan,

I am still unable to add the device toward the group. NOW, I am receiving an error that the device is already added to another group.

I have added it to the “In House” group for you. Please check.

The device is now within the group. Thank you very much!