InControl2 getting (and displaying) personal information


One organization has deployed IC2 witout any use of social media identification.

When reporting network clients IC2 seems to have accessed facebook material - and attached the personal image and data for at least one FB user to the client device being listed (or whose details are displayed). For an example, see the capture below (group > clients > specific client)

How does one avoid this from happening, and when it does, how does one remove the personal information?


Further investigation need to be done for this. Can you please send a feedback request to IC2 team ? Please click on the feedback button and send your request there. IC2 Team member will followup with you shortly for the request.


Will do next time that unit is connected



The issue has been diagnosed.
It seems that if a user logs in with a social media portal (fb in this case) the profile is captured and used for the device henceforth, even if the portal is shut down and no longer in use.
Conflating device identity with user identity is not generally a good idea, nor an inability to scrub the data.
The IC2 folks have some thoughts on changing this behavior it seems.


Here are some changes that we will make in dealing with social user data: GDPR compliancy ! May 25th!