InControl2 cellular reports, time axis

I have questions regarding the reportsof the InControl2 interface.
I am very interested in cellular reports because I have a vehicle in the wild and I want to monitor the quality of the signal depending on the position.
I see the following problems:

  1. I can only see the graph for one day. Is it possible to extend to i.e a week?
  2. The time axis is not linear: If my device is disconnected because of signal lost, I expect to get a flat cellular stat during this period, by I simply have no data for a lapse of time and it is not really visible by looking at the graph. Is it possible to display this data?
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  1. Let’s get back to you about this suggestion later. It needs to overcome some technical issue in order to implement this.

  2. We confirm your issue report. We will check if we could indicate offline periods on the charts too.

Thank you.