Incontrol2 Captive portal view collected e-mails

Hello all,

I have successfully set-up a captive portal with e-mail authentication. I am unable to find collected e-mails in IC2 after a user logged in. I check in Reports → Captive Portal Reports but nothing like connected user list.

is there a way to find this ?


Please find the “Download as CSV” link in the “Guest User Information Download” section on the Captive Portal Reports page.

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Thanks for your answer, but i am not able to find this option on Captive Portal Reports page neither in Device level nor Group level.
I only have the following sections :

  • Summary
  • Portal Access
  • Overview
  • Visits in Each Access Mode
  • E-mail Reports (to send the same report by to my email. Not present in Device level mode)

Please note that the email address list can only be downloaded by Super Organization Administrators, Captive Portal Administrators and Captive Portal Viewers only.


Thanks. I update my role and i found it.

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