Incontrol2 Alerting


I am not sure if this exists or not if it does I want to learn how to use it and if it does not I guess I want to make a feature request. Is there any kind of alerting I can set up in IC2. For example if a WAN connection goes down and cellular backup takes over. Or if a devices comes online after being down or vice versa and have certain things set to email an alert right away and other things just show up on a daily report for example. Is this possible? It would really help if it is and IC2 essentially being a cloud monitoring service I would think it would be possible.


Hi @tiff1002,

Yes, this does exist - from the Group page, click on Settings and select Notifications. You can create various “Notification Profiles” and each profile can be applied to all devices, devices with a certain tag, or devices without a certain tag.

You can also create different notification schedules, so a Network Admin may want to know immediately that a devices goes off-line, but someone else may want to be notified after 15 minutes. I’ve included a screen shot to show the various notifications you can set, each one has the ability to alert one or more people.

I hope this helps,



Steve Thank you it does help.

A quick follow up. I have 2 peplink devices that are behind a firewall I have no control over.

They are able to communicate with the fusionhub they are connected to but not with IC2 so whenever they are on WAN and WAN alone they show as offline, but if they are on Cellular they show as online.

Is there anyway to use Cellular to connect to IC2 for the purpose of monitoring and alerts while keeping WAN the online thing in priority one so that I dont spend a fortune on cellular costs when I have a solid WAN connection?

Thanks in advance


Hi Tiffany,

Yes, you have a couple of options:-

You can create an outbound policy to send traffic via the VPN tunnel - assuming the FusionHub appears online on InControl, then these 2 devices should also appear online.

You could create an outbound policy to send traffic via Cellular

See screen-shot below.

Advanced -> Outbound Policy - then click “Add Rule”

Create the Rule:-

Drag the rule to the appropriate position, rules operate in a top-down method.

Then Click the “Apply Changes” button at the top of the page.

Hope this helps,



You are a lifesaver thanks so much


Since you have been so helpful so far I thought I might ask advice on one more thing. Same device that is behind the firewall that I do not control that I can now see in IC2 has IP cameras behind it and those cameras need to sync with an NTP server. I tried setting up an outbound rule for that but it does not seem to be working. I set it up in pretty much the same way would this application need to function differently?


Please disregard I got it working