Incontrol use prevents direct admin


When I activate remote administration using Incontrol in the router settings, I am unable to directly access the router’s admin page.

For example:

Balance 20 router at

I log in, indicate that the router should be accessible via Incontrol2, Apply changes and log out.
System->InControl->InControl Management

The router is now accessible via Incontrol2, works great.

However if I try to access the router directly via the browser (, I get the login window, but my credentials are not accepted and no error is provided.

While I love Incontrol2, I cannot give up the ability to admin routers if the WAN is down. Any ideas?


Hello Scooter,
Did you know if you are using InControl2 to manage and secure your device and you followed the guide on “Securing InControl Access” at Quick and Easy Ways to Secure Your Router then you can recover the InControl2 generated admin password from the device page and still use that to locally administer the router?

To get the password, within InControl2 go to the dashboard for the device, you will see “Admin User / Password” a few lines down with the passed hidden as “********”, just do as it says “(click to reveal)”.

Then when “(click to reveal)”, the password will change from the “********” to the last known valid password for the device like this example

Simple click on the password once to highlight it and then copy it to your clipboard or somewhere useful to you.

You can also download a CSV off all of your the devices in a group from the “Group Settings” pages, look for the blue line of text under the Admin security options.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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Hi Marcus and thanks for the response. Thanks for pointing out the location of the admin password, somehow I hadn’t noticed that.

Unfortunately it made no difference. the ‘revealed’ password was exactly the password I expected, and again when I tried to directly admin the router via local browser connection the login screen just refreshes without granting access. Very strange.


I gambled and using Remote Admin through InControl turned off InControl remote management in the hopes that would ‘release’ the ability to do local admin. Sadly no go, now I’m locked out. Looks like I’ll have to factory restore the box tomorrow and start over. If and when I figure the issue out I’ll post a reply here in the hopes of saving someone else trouble in the future.


Hello @Scooter,
You’re not locked out yet, Did you can force from InControl2 a new admin password to the router too?
There is an option from the group setting page to “assign a new one”, you can then get the new password from the dashboard.
Give that a go and let us know if it works.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

@Scooter, please try to clear the browser cache to confirm this will helps.

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Thanks Everyone,

Deleting the specific cookie, in Chrome, for the router in question did the trick. It’s been so long since that cured anything for me that it didn’t even occur to me so many thanks for the suggestion.

The login issue started after I updated my routers to the latest firmware (v 7?) and so maybe there was an issue related to that. When you suggested clearing the browser cache I instead tried another browser (Safari) and had success, then went back to Chrome and deleted the history and cache data (which wasn’t enough), and then lastly deleted the specific cookie for that router and it worked.

Again, TK and Marcus, many thanks.