InControl/SpeedFusion/Security Question

So I usually unplug my internet cable from all my devices before going to bed at night. Why? Because if you have no internet connection you can’t be hacked right?

However. Will unplugging my Ethernet cord every day cause problems with the InControl2 or Speed Fusion?

  1. if you keep systems patch and practice good security (both network security and computer security), you should not have any issues.

  2. what sort of problems are you thinking? i sense a little paranoia.

SpeedFusion VPN will go down of course when unplugged, but then recover when reconnected. If you are using the Speed Fusion Cloud service you might get allocated a new endpoint so your public IP would change but that doesn’t bother most people. InControl 2 is the same - it will recover fine.

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This sounds like your system is registered with somebody else’s InControl2 management system. That organization may have set the password for router admin access, and when the router connects to IC2 the router password will be reset to whatever the IC2 manager has set it to, overwriting yours and locking you out.

To test that: Disconnect the router from the internet, factory reset, log in and turn InControl OFF (System>InControl>Controller>Disabled)



I am not and have never been connected to IC2. Turning off IC2 was the first things I did. I have reset my router, changed the admin password and turned off IC2 4 times now. Same thing keeps happening.

So something else, most likely then.

Just a quick sanity check: Was the router connected to the internet during the above sequence of steps? Factory reset enables the IC2 connection, and if there is enough time between the reset and the subsequent disabling of IC2 then your password (and other configuration parameters) might change before you turned off IC2.



Yes it was connected during those steps. Just got locked out of my Discord account. Also there are a bunch of pictures and desktop icons that have moved to different locations. Like am I losing my dam mind here or have I been hacked?

What I did was: (while the peplink router was plugged into my isp router) press and hold the factory reset button for 10 seconds > go to and log in to change the admin name and password > I then turned off IC2 > saved > apply changes.

Should I do it differently?


Disconnect the router from net before you do anything else.

Of course, if your devices have been hacked then they may have your router credentials lying around for others to see, and use, once you are on the net again. But first things first.


I’m on it. Brb

Done. What I did was:
Unplug Peplink from ISP router > held the hard reset button for 10 seconds > plugged Peplink back into isp router > logged back in and changed username and password > disabled IC2 > save > apply.

Note the IC2 was already disabled but I confirmed it by doing it anyways.

Do I just wait to see what happens now?

Stay off the net - wait for a while and confirm that the router is stable.
Then connect, and see if anything (and what) changes.



How do I tell me my router is stable? What do you mean when you say connect? Do you mean log in to the webui? What sort of changes do I need to look for?

I assume you have not connected the router to the internet yet?

You reported earlier observations of unexpected changes. Are there any such? In particular, have the login credentials changed without you being responsible?

I mean connecting from a LAN network:


See above.

After ascertaining that the router has not changed (except as enacted by you), connect the router to the internet and repeat the checking exercise.


I was able to log back in. There have been no changes however one thing I found odd is that after I had factory reset the router all the setting I changed myself did not change. They were still saved so the router didn’t actually fully reset itself back to default settings. IC2 was still disabled which is supposed to be enabled until the user turns it off. The section were you set the user time out is default is 4 hours. I changed it to 15 minutes. It was still set to 15 minutes after I reset the router. And the Wifi SSID I created was still there along with the default wifi SSID whcih I deleted was also still deleted. I never created a save file to restore my routers settings upon resetting it.

What are your thoughts?

Looks like you did not do a complete factory reset. Cfr. the FAQ (How to restore the Factory Default Settings on a Peplink Balance Device)
on this:

Btw., next time you try to isolate the reset and test of a possible IC2 issue from the net, don’t do

since the reconnection with the ISP is what may trigger an IC2 reconfiguration of the device.

Instead do

Then wait and evaluate.

Then plug the Peplink back into the isp router

Then wait and evaluate.


I see where I went wrong. I need to unplug my ethernet from the peplink router and into the isp router so I still have a internet connection to connect to webui. I though my machine would have to be plugged into the peplink router in order to access the peplink webui. I see that is not the case.

No you don’t. Leave the WAN unplugged during the first part of your reset cycle. Connect to the web UI via a LAN connection.


Aaaaahhhhhhhh gotcha. Will do. I will post an update tomorrow morning. Thank you. And thank you for your patience with me. Super noob here.