InControl SpeedFusion Mesh with HA (Balance 580's)

When configuring a hub/spoke configuration in InControl, I’m given the option of designating master / slave routers that are in HA mode.

The mesh VPN configuration has no such option.

Should I include or exclude the backup routers when setting up a mesh VPN network?

The High Availability Setup in Star topology is specifically designed for 2 data centers that installed with FusionHub and remote sites need to access internet via FusionHub. With this option, you can failover between the data centers when internet connection in the active data center was down. This feature nothing to do with device HA.

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So there is never a need to include the slave Peplink in any of the VPN configurations? The VPN will reconnect automatically during a failover?

Yes, you are right!

Just wanted to be sure, thanks! :+1: