InControl Secure Login and other features

Hi Everyone,

I have some ideas about additional features for InControl, mainly regarding security and access control.

  1. Secure Login - Some High Level customers are questioning the risk represented by InControl’s current login method. Perhaps it would be convenient to have the option of activating a secure login token, similar to those used to access banking systems. This feature could have an extra cost for anyone who wants to activate this option for their InControl account.

  2. Additional Access to InControl Accounts - What about having a Master Account for InControl and being able to give access to other lower-clearance accounts with the privilege of modifying the AP Configuration that each AP Group has (the Master Account decides which AP groups will be available to the new low-clearance account) but not being able to Create or Modify AP Configurations or to Modify which Devices are assigned to which Groups. The other options not mentioned here (such as Firmware, Extensions and Alerts) may be available under the master account’s decision.

  3. Dashboard by Groups - It would be great to have a group selector on the Dashboard and choose to View All Groups or only an Individual Group.

These three options could be part of a Business package that can be sold separately to InControl users.

Any thoughts on other additional Features related to Business Users? I have a couple of other ideas but they are more complicated than the value that they really add… so Ill keep them to myself, hehe

Cheers to all!

Hi mr.lalo,

Thanks for your suggestions.

#1 We are evaluating Google’s 2-step verification. What do you think? Turn on 2-Step Verification - Computer - Google Account Help

#2 You’re not the first customer requesting for this feature. We are working on a big revamp. This feature will definitely be included. Stay tuned.

#3 Also it will be incorporated in the new system.

I’d like to hear your comments even if it is complicated. You are welcome to let us know. If you prefer, you may email me directly. michaelc at

Dear Michael,

This is great! I’m glad to know you guys are a couple of steps ahead!

Best regards,