InControl Page Dosn't load

Dear Guys ,

I don’t know why when access InControl2 our browser stuck in the below URL :

and then nothing loads , just a white empty page !

we tried many browsers and different computers but didn’t work !

please advise .

Hi Hootan, FYI I just clicked the link and it works for me.

Hi Martin ,

I confirm web site working properly cause when I connect using VPN and with U.S IP address everything works great.
but with our local internet something stuck , I think it maybe related to URL links to Google when loading site !
I can give one of you remote access to my computer to check it and any advice would be appreciated cause our customers can’t use InControl :frowning:
I have to add that this problem is not permanent , about 70% of times. sometimes multiple hit on CTRL+F5 solves the issue and sometimes not.

Hi Hootan.
Yes I think you might be right. InControl is full of links to google. Google is one of the main authentication methods, we use google maps for fleet management and it uses google fonts.

Not sure what the fix might be for this if your access to google is blocked - maybe a version with google replaced/removed, which would be fine for the auth method and fonts but what mapping tools do you use there if not google maps? Lets see what response we get from the InControl team.

Hi Hootan,

Martin is correct. The InControl is relying on a couple of Google services. With your description, we identified the cause of the problem. Currently if G Maps does not load, the page won’t load. We have got a fix. But it will take time to fix all. I will post here for any progress.

We also have a plan to support Open Layers and Open Street Map too so that users could choose to use them in replace of G Maps. The files will be loaded from the InControl instead of external links. It will be useful for countries without Google access, and also for InControl appliances installed in private networks which do not have/allow any Internet /Google access.


Dear Martin ,

Google is not block here but sometimes we have delay and low bandwidth Internet which may cause the page to stuck and not loading.
average ping time to google servers is about 350-400 ms for your reference.

Hi Hootan,

We have deployed a fix to the Org/Group Overview pages and the Device Details page. Could you check if it works for you now? There are still plenty of pages that need to be fixed. After you confirmed the pages work, we will proceed to fix the rest.


Dear Michael,

I confirm now InControl loads successfully.

Thanks a bunch.