InControl | New Partner Environment and Planet Changes

Previously, we pushed new updates to Mars first, and then later to Earth. However, this practice lead us to significant problems in November 2018. Responding to your feedback, we’ve created a new partner-only planet: Venus.

In the future, we will push new versions to Venus first and ask our partners to vigorously test the new features there before they are deployed to Mars and Earth. As a “Thank You” for testing our new functionality, Venus will allow devices which are out-of-warranty / subscription.

If you would like to host an organization on Venus, just use the tab on the side to send us a comment.

Tell us that you would like to move that organization to Venus, and we’ll migrate it over when it’s ready.

Please remember though that no customer production environments should be hosted on Venus, as we will not be providing end-customer support for devices hosted there. The organization being migrated may also experience some downtime during the migration process.

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Frequently Asked Questions:
Should I move my organization to Earth for greater stability?
Earth and Mars now have the same treatment, so there’s no need to migrate.

Could you move just a few groups in my organization to Venus ?
InControl 2 does not have a migration feature yet, so you’ll need to remove the devices from your current organization, create a new organization and re-create the group there.

How much time will my organization be offline during the migration process?
We expect the downtime to be around 10 minutes at most.



Is Venus also compatible with SDWC and Simcloud?
That would allow a full test setup.




Got a test org moved to Venus. Trying to update firmware for a Balance 20 via IC2 gives me the following error:

Unexpected error: out of warranty

Device is in fact out of warranty. But shouldn’t all IC2 functionality be available regardless when on Venus?


Yes, this should work. I expect the team will need to dig into this specific case. Can you please open a ticket by emailing and reference the S/N of the unit generating the error?

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Email sent

Another question: how does Mercury fits in all this? I still have one org there running v2.8.

We keep some organizations that contain just a few online devices and with low activity to Mercury. It will share the same release schedule as Mars and Earth when 2.8.1 is released.

The firmware upgrade issue has been resolved. Please check.

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Thanks @Michael

I can confirm it is now working.

I like the new feature of “Device Availability” and "Internet Availability added in 2.8.1.
Could we have a bit more explanation on which metrics are used to generate these statistics?
We have one group that is showing Device Availability of 100% and Internet Availability of 67.8% when it should be almost 100%.

Also like this feature “If a device cannot reach InControl in 10 minutes after it received configuration changes from InControl, the device will rollback the configuration automatically”

Thanks for the constant improvements!

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We will add an info icon next to figures to explain how they are calculated. Here are the formulas.

Internet availability = “Total amount of InControl online time of all devices in the group in this month” / “Total uptime of all devices in the group in this month”.

Device availability = “Total uptime of all devices in the group in this month” / “Total amount of time of this month” / “Number of devices in the group”.


Hi, we would like to host a test organisation in Venus in order to checkout the Simcloud and upcoming features.