InControl Free text entry against the maps market pin

InControl for fleet management is a great tool but it would be very useful to have a free text entry field to help manage mobile work crews in vans.

The text entry field could contain for example: a hyperlink to some cloud-stored info, work-crew skills info, a phone number, inventory of tools, etc.

As these details are always changing we cannot keep changing the description of the unit itself.

To explain further all the fields are:

Unit Name: Mobile_unit_in_van001
Product: Pepwave Max HD2
S/N: 1234-1232-12ER
Clients: 5
Locations: London

I’d like to see a free text entry field between “Locations” and “More…” even better if it can contain a clickable hyperlink as well!


Will there be an option to add free text against the location pin on the map?


Hi Rory,

We do have a plan to include feature below. Does this meet your requirements? Anyway, below screen shot just an example.

Thanks for the fast response.
I have made up an image of what I’d like to see - free text against a unit to identify something special about that vehicle. Your example above look more like a way point to mark a point on a map.
For instance a water company needs to see the nearest off-road vehicle with a water pump on board and this data is stored in the hover over menu.

Or another excellent feature could be a hyperlink in this text box: e.g. through to a cloud-based application in that vehicle; a streaming video dashboard camera fitted to the dashboard of the vehicle:

Hi Rory,

We received similar feature requests from other customers too. So we decided to allow users to define a free text remark for each device. Any URL in remarks will be “linkified”. Remarks will be displayed on both Device Details screen and device markers on the maps as shown in your illustration. We target to have it available in Q1, 2016.