InControl ~ Firmware 6.2


When will firmware 6.2 be available via Incontrol2 for the Sus-SOHO and Balance 380?



Firmware 6.2 will be available soon via InControl 2. On the Firmware Management screen, you may select “Custom” to upload Firmware 6.2 via InControl 2 if this is urgent. Please find the attached screenshot for better understanding.

You may get the Firmware URL from here, depending on which model you need.

As enterprise devices, Peplink units are placed at mission-critical points of many business networks. With this much at stake, upgrades should only be performed after careful consideration.

Since Firmware 6.2 GA is a recent launch, we need to give our partner community time to understand the new features and changes. That way, they can determine the best time and method to perform the upgrades. That is why we have not uploaded Firmware 6.2 onto InControl 2 yet: we want to make sure that people who download it know exactly what they’re downloading.

That being said, advanced users can get Firmware 6.2 URL from our download site and follow the instructions on TK’s post. Be sure to read the notices and release notes before upgrading.

We are excited about how Firmware 6.2 will make your networks perform better, we will distribute it via InControl 2 probably in two weeks time.