[Incontrol Can we add tag without add Devices]


We want create template of configuration with tag without adding devices.

We want put all our template in the bulk configurator with specific Tag and when we add a device with this tag, the peplink will download the appropriate template. I can’t add tag to the bulk configuration if i don’t have any devices with this tag. There is any solution to do that ?

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The feature is already in our pipeline. In later releases, users will be allowed to apply a non-existence tag when they create a configuration.

As a workaround at this moment, you may set up a dummy device and apply some new tags to it. The device can be any model and even out of warranty. So the new tags will be available to use in configurations.


Is it possible to apply multiple configuration with multiple tag. For exemple, i have the tag 10mbs wich configure a community snmp, the 2 wan in dhcp mode with the 10mbs bandwitch and the QoS for the voip application. Is it possible to create a new template with default configuration to open some ports on the peplink ? wich parameter from the 2 configuration are apply ? ( the second have default parameter to 1gbs bandwitch)

I know that incontrol can’t invidualise the configuration of multiple Peplink but the peplink doesn’t support TR-069. How to automate invidualise parameter like vlan id on wan or PPPOE configuration ?

Sorry, I am not exactly sure what you are asking. FYI, InControl provides a Bulk Configurator. You can apply some “template” configuration to devices selected by tags that you selected. Their SSID, firewall rules, outbound policy, etc. settings will be individualized.

Please find the Bulk Configurator under group-level > Settings for more information.

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I’m asking if is a way exist to indiviudalize a Wan interface and how bulk configurator works when you put 2 tags on a device with 2 configuration tag in bulk configurator.

Individualizing WAN settings is not generally available. Please create a support ticket and let us know what your use case is. We will study how we could help you.

Assigning 2 tags to a device is obviously possible. But I don’t understand what you mean by “configuration tag”. Note that one device can always receive at most one bulk configuration profile only.