InControl - Balancer 210, How to Interpret the Reports Displayed


We are using the Peplink Load-Balancer 210 with reports enabled, where we are using VPN bonding for 2 ISP broadband services.
On the InControl website, I was browsing through the available reports (and saw data exists for Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly).
I would appreciate some guide on how to interpret the information displayed on the charts in InControl.

  1. The Daily Report shows Inbound & Outbound numbers (in Kbps) for every hour over the day. Does the numbers represent peak bandwidth speed achieved for every hour?
  2. For Monthly Report, the numbers are reflected for each day of a month. These are average bandwidth speed for a day?
  3. Is it possible to download these past reports from InControl portal? So far, I noticed there is only a CSV record for pas 7 days.
  4. It would really help if there is a way to get report showing Minimum, Average and Maximum bandwidth speed utilized each day (for past months)?

My team would like to evaluate the performances of our subscribe 2 ISP broadband services (minimum, average, max Kbps utilized between them).


Hi Calvin,

I think you’re referring to the Bandwidth Reports. However the reports’ bandwidth units are MB or GB instead of kbps. The hourly, daily and monthly reports display the total volume of data transferred in every hour, day and month respectively where 1 day, 30 days and 6 months of data are kept.

In coming few months, we are going to introduce a minutely bandwidth report where the units will be in kbps/Mbps/Gbps. It will capture a “speed” snapshot of each WAN every minute. It will be able to report the minimum, average and maximum speed in each day. Stay tuned.


Hi Michael,

I appreciate your reply to my queries, and with the clarification, my side should be able to reverse calculate the theoretical average speed achieved/used each day by the WAN services.
We look forward to hearing and seeing the new reports, as I’m sure a lot of InControl users find those very helpful to understand how each WAN is performing (segregated by daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports).

Thank you.