InControl 2 - Push Configuration

I have a number of devices that I plan to add to IC2. In IC1 there was an option were I could assign a configuration file to a device. In the event that device was factory reset or changed, it would pull down the configuration file from IC1 and I’d be set. I’m looking for this in IC2 and can’t seem to find it. I’ve found where to download config files as well as group wide settings for SSID etc, but this ability to push a configuration is going to be pretty critical to my deployment.

Where might I find this/does it exist yet? Thanks in advance!


IC2 only manages Wifi and SpeedFusion config at the moment.

I will move this post to Features Request.

Hi Kevin,

We are working a feature which will allow you to firstly pick one or multiple devices in a group, then apply a backed up configuration file to them. You will be able to upload a configuration file, or choose a backed up configuration file of a device in the same group. We target to release this feature in Q1.

This is great news, I look forward to testing this out!

This is great news! We have many partners looking for this feature.