Incontrol 2 Problem?

customer many site tell incontrol have problem hotspot fail hardware online but incontrol show offline

There was a system failure with IC2 system at 03:15 GMT+0 due to a system failure with our service provider. Devices failed to report online. Devices started to come online again at 03:33. All devices are back online at 04:39. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

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One of our devices is still not showing on IC2, though we can connect directly to it (via a cellular connection to a static IP).

It should not be related to the above mentioned issue. Please DM me the device’s s/n and let us check.

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It did reconnect later in the day, after toggling the check box to allow IC2 control (off, then on), which may (or may not) be significant. Rebooting did not do the trick.
I may simply have been too impatient :slight_smile: