InControl 2.6.2 Is Now Deployed - GDPR Compliance


In anticipation for the new data protection laws that will take effect this month in Europe, we have released InControl 2.6.2. In this release, we updated the types of information to be collected through the captive portal, as well as our Privacy Policy. Please read the revised Privacy Policy carefully as it will be presented to your Wi-Fi users.

When your user decides to log in to the captive portal with social network access mode, we will only collect the following personal data through social networks:

  • E-mail address (if any)
  • User ID of the Social Media

Any other personal information or statistics have been deleted and are no longer available.

If you let a user log in through e-mail or SMS access modes, we will collect the following information according to your chosen configuration:

  • email address
  • phone number
  • name
  • gender
  • country

In addition, Wi-Fi usage duration, MAC Address and IP address will be collected

If you have also enabled the Ad Delivery Service, the following information will also be collected:

  • Captive portal language
  • GPS location reported by Peplink router (if any)
  • Web browser user agent
  • URL they are browsing while they see / click the ad (HTTP only)
  • We will place cookies in users’ browsers to track the time they watch an advertisement

The retention period for user information will be two years.

Unless sought by authorities in order to comply with laws and regulations, we will only share the guests’ personal data to you.

GDPR: Important Changes to Social Wi-Fi and Privacy Policy


We got our first GDPR request in from a user. Did you include a method to delete the data on a specific user?
I’m logged in as super admin and don’t see any on latest version of ICVA .

Thanks !


You firstly have to get hold of the client’s MAC address. Second, you have to identify which group of the captive portal the client has visited. Then enter into the group’s Client Details screen (e.g. via group-level “Usage Reports”). You will be able to delete its details on the screen:

If you just have the client’s e-mail address or any identifier, please send it and the group name to us. We will search the clients’ details pages for you.

We will provide a client search tool in later releases.