[Incident Update] PepVPN / SpeedFusion and InControl (MARS) issues


I suggest not since you will loose all information. I am suggesting to disconnect units (not for all customers, not mobile for instance) from IC2. That can be done quickly.,


I have changed the name back several times and after a bit of time it add’s the serial number back so I have added the serial number to the other side in hopes it won’t change again.


The engineers are still working on a fix for the on-going Performance issues and PepVPN problems.

As soon as I have any more information I will update you.




well another issue, it taking the name of the device and putting that into the mix too and if you have spaces in the name you can’t add that to the name of speedfustion… now I have to change the name too. WHY does it keep renaming after I change it…



Please add to the known issues that sub-tunnels configurations are gone too.



Engineering is testing a fix on a subset of equipment. Results are positive so far.


For when is the problem solved? We have many clients connected, our reputation is at stake and your reputation is also peplink


can you raise a ticket for this with the support team so that we can check what happened with the sub tunnels.


Also an issue:
Because lots of devices have names with spaces in it, when you add the new local ID as the remote ID on the other end, it is considered invalid.

You have to change the name of the device, then the local ID so it will match, then the remote id.


yeah I’ve had to do this on several boxes. since it keeps adding the name of the device and the serial number to the speedfusion name…


Removed all Devices from IC2 mgmt. tunnels are stable, device names are not being reverted back.


Same issue here. It appears that one side of each site with sub tunnels has created a new ‘root’ tunnel with the configs from the sub tunnels. In our case, we had three sub tunnels and there are three root tunnels. One of them is active the other two are inactive and can’t be activated due to duplicate remote IDs.

We were in the process of fixing the sub tunnels through recreation and InControl changes wiped out our new work.


I’ve got several tunnels that are breaking as fast as I fix them. I’ve got too many devices to remove them all from Incontrol.


We reverted all Speed Fusion VPN’s to IPSec and we were OK.

What a cluster … what was the root cause?


Can you just UNCHECK “enable InControl” for now on SYSTEM --> InControl --> Enable InControl ??


Thought crossed our minds, but what happens when we re-enable InControl after everything is ‘fixed’. Very disappointed in the lack of communication and the timing of this change (Had to be done at the beginning of a week?!?)


I’ve got over 50 routers in production, all with PepVPN. I don’t want to have to do that.


same… we have over 50 of them at various clients…

@Steve.Taylor What is the status on a fix?


What is the current status of the ‘fix’ and will it also resolve the issue with nested SpeedFusion connections?


I removed In Control2 from both of my impacted routers and was able to bring my single tunnel up. Hope the rest of you have a resolution shortly. Best wishes.