Inbound load balance-dns

Two isp 's . we don’t own IP’S .All ip’s ar belongs to ISP .
Subnet from ISP A and from ISP B.

i have website published (Nat) to public
eg: NATed to
and same NATed to

Now I want to do inbound load balance and

dns is hosted in ISP A currently
What do I need to do to load balnce or failover

On your DNS host, put in multiple A records pointing to the various NAT’ed addresses:
www A
www A

Bear in mind, this is brain dead, round robin routing. There’s no guarantees on the breakdown of distribution. although it should be close to 50/50. There’s also no health-checks or anything, so if one of the paths is not reachable, it will fail, but the DNS server will continue to hand out the address.
Failover is a whole other thing, which would require some sort of active checking and updating of the IP addresses.
Also, bear in mind any TTL associated with the records, in case anything goes wrong with one or the other paths.

Thanks for the reply . Regarding the DNS do i need to shift from ISP to peplink
Can you guide me how to do it on peplink and what should I do on ISP side

Look for a different public DNS hosting solution. Check out Cloudflare.

Thanks for the reply .
As per peplink documentation for inbound load balancing ,the dns records should be in peplink

Please correc me if I am wrong