Inbound Access / Policy

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I just want to ask if this setup is possible, We have internal server as refer below (SA) and I want to access/connect to this internal server outside/public using the public interface assigned to interface01 used as point to point ip towards to the provider edge.

What I did is, Created a Inbound Access policy
Servers: SA-
Name: Test Incoming
IP Protocol: TCP / "Protocol selection tool
Port: Any
Inbound IP(Connection/IP): ISPA /
Included server: SA- / Weight: 1

I would like to verify if my policy is correct and would not affect any services, Not that we also used this public ip to access and manage peplink.

IP Protocol and Port May I know the difference of this two? On ip protocol selection if i did not select on “Protocol Selection tool” doest it mean its open to all or can we add new protocol selection that is not included on the option drop down?

What is the meaning of weight?

Since this setup is related to Video/Voice I would like to ask if possible to use this and Incoming traffic will be translated as planed?

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The drop-down is there just for easy access to common ones but you can choose any port you want.

You mentioned this is for Video/Voice so you just need to know what port(s) are being used.

The weight is there in the event you have more than one server so if it is only one you can just leave it at the default 10.

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Thanks Tim, But do you think adding specific port will not affect the Mgmt (Int1 public Ip) and we can still access the firewall publicly?

You can change the Mgmt port to whatever you like. Thanks.

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Noted Thanks