Inbound access over Mobile Internet connection with UML290 or 4620LE

I am having a lot of trouble trying to get inbound access working on the Mobile Internet connection of the Balance 20. I have my inbound connections working fine over the WAN/DSL connection. When I switch the Inbound Port Forwarding and Firewall Access rules over to the Mobile Internet connection, I am unable to connect to my services. I have both a Pantech UML290 and a Mifi4620LE device available to use, but have no luck with either device. The UML290 doesn’t have many configuration options of course. With the 4620LE, I have tried configuring Port Forwarding rules within that device to point to the Balance 20’s interface. I have also tried setting the DMZ on the 4620LE to the Balance 20 interface. Though when I try the DMZ option, I have no outbound access either. Is there a trick to getting inbound access working on the Mobile Internet side?

Most mobile internet providers only provide a private IP address with no way to configure port forwarding. In order for inbound services to work you would need a publicly routable IP address and you would need to check with your provider to see if this is available.

It sounds like you are using Verizon and they will set you up with a public IP for a one-time fee of $500.

This is Verizon. The UML290 at least seems to receive a public type IP in the 100.x.x.x range or 70.x.x.x range. Hoping someone else in the community can confirm whether they have had success with inbound access through a Verizon connection.

Is the IP that is on the dashboard of the Balance 20 for the mobile connection showing as the public IP? Can you ping it remotely? We can certainly take a closer look as well if you would like to open a support ticket: