In incontrol, why does it appear as connected by ethernet when everything is connected by wifi?

I have a Wi-Fi network with several Pepwave AP One AC Mini, in this network I have connected between Samsung televisions and mobile devices, these devices are connected via Wi-Fi, but in uncontrol I see some televisions connected via Ethernet, could you tell me why this happens?

Are the APs being managed by the AP Controller?

Hello, no we are working just with InControl and Pepwave AP One AC Mini.

From your screenshot, you are visiting a device-level Clients page. This is a router’s view. The clients do not directly connect to the router via Wi-Fi but via some APs. So the clients’ traffic also comes into the router’s Ethernet ports. That’s why they are shown as Ethernet clients.

Assuming your router and the APs are put under the same group in your InControl organization, if you visit the group-level Clients page, you should find the clients are in Wi-Fi type.

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