In detailed bandwidth history reports, why are some clients identified and others not?

We can drill down on the bandwidth history reports to get stats by individual IP address. Great. Usually when the mouse hovers over the IP address, additional information pops up including the friendly name I have assigned to the device and the IP address of the device. But, sometimes this does not work. That is, sometimes hovering the mouse over the IP address does not show any additional information. Why? Thank you.

Hi Michael,

If you have DHCP configured on LAN, there is a chance to grab that additional info and showed up. I believe those IPs without additional info are the client with static IP or the client device can’t feed such info to our system.

I checked two Surf SOHOs running firmwawre 6.3.x. On the first, the devices with static IP addresses did not have this extra information (mac address and friendly name). On the second, it went both ways. Two devices with a static IP address had the extra information, one did not.
Its not a big deal either way.