In Control Application

I am trying to get my Surf SoHo data to display on the In Control application on the web but so far, no joy!

The option is activated on the router and I think that I have everything setup on the Pepwave we site but no usage data is showing up.

I also noticed that there is no way for me to setup the map part of the application.

If this will not work, is there a way to download the data/Internet usage from the router?


We are currently working on supporting the Surf SOHO via the InControl application, this will come at a later date.

For now you can just log in to the unit to see the data usage.

Thanks for the response!

Is there a way to download the data from the device for further processing?

Are we familiar with CLI? If we are then, we can SSH to the Surf SOHO and grab this info.

You can download the CLI SSH Command Reference here.

We are very familar now!

I am working on a project that requires allot of number crunching of usage data for various users and applications.

Wireshark and a few other programs are great but to try to figure out when it happened can be very tedious.

This will help allot.

Thanks! All input is greatly appreciated!

No problem. Enjoy :slight_smile: