In Control 2 management port

I have AP One (original). I can manage them directly in the device or from our Peplink router. I am unable to manage them from In Control 2 which I would prefer. They will not connect. Is there a TCP port that needs to be opened in our router firewall to permit that communication? Any other reason to look for lack of communication?

The AP are running 3.3.1 which I believe is the latest for the AP One original. They have been factory reset with no change.

Hi Don, please refer to the InControl2 requirements page:

Your AP’s will need to be running at least version 3.4.1 and be in warranty or have an active InControl2 subscription.


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Tim, the firmware download page for the AP series only shows 3.3.1 for the original AP One. Is there another link for that device to get 3.4.1? Or is that device not compatible with IC2?

On the routers you waived the warranty requirement for the 6.x firmware, using an unlock code from IC2. Been there, done that. Is there a similar process for the Access Points? Or does it truly require the units to be on warranty?

Using 3.3.1 can the units still be configured with the original In Control (1) web site?

Don, the firmware download page has the most current version which is 3.5.3 and it is compatible with the original AP One. Here is the direct download link:

No unlock key is needed or required in order to upgrade the firmware, but if you want to manage them via IC2 they would need to be in warranty or have an IC2 subscription.

Please note that support and development of IC1 has ceased and someday it will become EoL.

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