IMEI Number Balance 30 LTE

Trying to buy a SIM card for my new Balance 30 LTE but cannot find the IMEI number ATT says they need. What am I missing? Where is the number?

login, click details on the cellular, should be there

Sorry I dont fully understand what your suggesting? Log in where?

The IMEI should also be on the Peplink package. The cardboard box label.

To the Peplink device…

Hi NormM,
I believe Mystery is referring to the Web Administrator. This is where you can configure the router. By default the management IP on the Balance line of devices is The default login credentials are admin/admin. You can find this information on the silver label on the bottom of the device.

As TheMissingLink mentioned you can also find the IMEI number on the box that the Peplink device was delivered in.

Thank you


I hope Peplink has replaced the QuickStart cards included with the Balance 30 Pro (and possibly other Balance routers with LTE). The QuickStarts had as the IP for admin (like the MAXs). This confused several of my users.

I’m embarrassed to say I missed that label. I assumed the IMEI number would be on the unit not on the outside of the box on one end.

Thanks so much for your reply!

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