ICVA license when server fails



If the server I’m running my ICVA on and the server fails.
Seeing that the license is tied up to server ID, do we just reach out to Peplink and get it moved to a new server or is it tied to that one server?



It is now possible for you to release the FusionHub licence from that instance using InControl2.
Go to Organisation Settings > Warranty and Licence
Towards the bottom, you should have a section of regarding your FusionHub instances.


Once released, you will be able to put the licence onto a new instance

Hope this helps!


arne_leo, if you ICVA is running 2.7.3 or above, the license already tied to the server name. The license will still be valid after you moved the VM to another host. But if yours is not running 2.7.3, I’d suggest you upgrade. For the VM image and documentation, please check this page.