IC2 wireless setting

Dear Sirs,

I am deploying about 50 pcs AP ent & mini in a theme park.
Using Social Wi-Fi, Client signal strength threshold and max client to help user device has better Wi-Fi experience.

But i cann’t see or change [Client signal strength threshold] and [maximum number of client] on IC2.

Is there has any chance to add these function in the group-wide SSID settings?

Or IC2 won’t overwrite original setting if IC2 doesn’t has the same column?

Thank you.

Hi Stone,

We will implement the requested features “Client signal strength threshold” and “maximum number of client” targeted for Balance/MAX firmware version 6.4 and AP firmware version 3.5.4.

For your question, whether or not IC2 will overwrite the devices settings:
IC2 won’t overwrite the “Client signal strength threshold” and “maximum number of client” local settings.

Thank You

Hi Sitloongs,

Awesome~ Thank you.