IC2 WiFi Captive Portal Token Access - how to correlate Token to Client MAC address


for security reason (logging of Web traffic) any customer needs the flexibility of Token access for their WiFi temp users, but also mapping between Token and MAC address device.
I didn’t see this feature on IC2 . Is it in? If no is there any plan or chance to develop it ?
Thanks in advance

Hi Maurizio,

This is not available in InControl2. Anyway, I am curious how the system will know the MAC address of the Wifi client before generate the token since they are temp users? Are you referring to limit 1 token to 1 user?

Hi Liew,

I didn’t ask mapping between Token-MAC Address before the token is used, but after device has accessed the network.
I’m agree this limit the use of one token to one device.
If I have the correlation Token-MACAddress-IP address I can find in url log navigation what some person (correlation token-person is done by other system) has accessed.


Hi Maurizio,

Regarding to concurrent login allowed for a single token feature , you can refer to the forum thread below:

For Token-MACAddress-IP address:

Just need to check, are you referring to the events logs for the token access ? For more information, please refer to the attached screenshots:

Event Log:

MAC info:

Thank You