IC2 VA database with FTP-server. Historical data transfer problem


There is IC2 VA with DB and connected FTP-server for historical data.
Tcpdump shows me that IC2 VA connects to FTP-server, but there is no any file trasfer.
DB at this moment is over 700GB. FTP server was added to IC2 VA when DB was almost empty and there are some log folders on FTP server with devices logs, but last update was about the 8th of July.
FTP server got only 22% space utilization.
At this point, “fat” DB makes IC2 VA unstable - “Web application could not be started: Too many connections (Mysql2::Error)”

The main question is why IC2 VA has stoped historical data transfer to FTP-server? What did I miss? Or what should I check or set up?

Thanks for any help,

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Can you please open a ticket for this ? Engineering team may need to check from the device in-order to confirm the issue.



Hello sitloongs!

Thank you for answer.
I opened a ticket #9110008