IC2 should give up on failed upgrades after X attempts


If you manually upgrade a device to 7.0, but the group it is in is set to 6.3, incontrol may attempt to “upgrade” the device back to 6.3.3. This will never succeed since this is a one way upgrade.

I just caught a device on attempt 6760, having used 146G of data over the last week.

IC2 should give up AND NOTIFY after say ten attempts


Please find the screenshot below. May I know this option was enabled? If so, this is not expected and please help to open ticket. We need to investigate.



The reason of repeated firmware updates should not be because of the upgrade option. Please file a ticket as TK suggested and include the s/n.

I agree with your suggestion. We already planned to send a notification to organization and group administrators when a device has repeatedly updated for more than 20 times. We will implement it soon.


Update: The 20 attempt limit has been applied to mars. When the limit is reached, an email will be sent to all group and organization administrators. earth will also receive the update tentatively by the end of this week.


Hi, we also a had a very expensive upgrade retry and failure cycle because of this. Over 9000 attempts and 360GB on an HD4. Why does the default need to be anything greater than three attempts (Why the number 20?)? A user configurable option to increase it beyond 3 would be ok, but it needs to default to a conservative number and truly should not default to unlimited.



Hi, one other thought about this
The disk image for Private Incontrol2 also needs to be fixed if it is also set to unlimited retries by default so that any new installs do not have this problem. (We are soon to deploy private IC2).