IC2 Enhancement/Improvement Request

Under the Reports feature can you request the following:

  1. Place Reports up to the Top Group Level, Overview (currently, Reports are only available under specific Organizations). Reports are a great feature, however, if I have to drill down to specific groups, or devices this means I have to run multiple reports. Rolling them up into one report would be a great feature and save time/usability. Even if that report collected what I wanted, excluded what I don’t, I realize this might be a little over the top, cut a checklist of devices and report exported to a CSV would cut hours off my collection efforts. Bandwidth, for example, is very useful.
  2. I like the Top Clients by Usage, very helpful, rolling these up for all devices under the Top Group would be better.
  3. When selecting the Bandwidth Reports, the Download/Upload/Total is a nice report, what would be nicer is if I could do this as a CSV for all devices instead of singularly. I can see how producing this report via graphs might get a bit too much for the screen.
  4. The Cellular Signal Strength/Quality Report is also helpful, but this would be more helpful if this was rolled up at a minimum per Organization, Top Group via CSV would be the best. This report helps us locate the PepWave in the optimum location.