IC2 appliance - Error after upgrade to

I just upgraded my IC2 appliance from version 2.8.6 to using the setup guide from https://www.peplink.com/support/incontrol-appliance-images-downloads/. After the upgrade I experience an error as described below.

First sign of trouble is at the sign in screen. The image which is usually displayed is broken:

I can see that the image is trying to load from https://“my.ic2.fqdn”/api/system/cover. However I seem to get a 502 Bad gateway for anything under /api/.

If I for instance try to go to /api/restful_api:

I am able to log in, but i only get error messages like theese:

Here is some of the information displayed in the control panel:

The IC2 appliance was working before the upgrade. I have tried to reboot both the appliance and the database VM. Anyone know what the error might be?

It appears the API service is not working normally. Please restart the InControl VM, wait for a few minutes, and see if the problem persists. If yes, please enable RA and submit a support ticket HERE. We will look into it.