I want to understand the options that are avaliable on peplink LB products


Currently I have a systems which load balance about 10 VDSL lines with one LB and one segment of routers net.
3 interfaces on the device are being used.
1 for office lan
1 for home lan
1 for the (10+)VDSL routers.

The VDSL routers and lines are cheap and sitting on the same /24 segment.
each VDSL router has 30+ Mbps downlaod and 3-5 Mbps upload speeed.
Currently I am load balancing the from the office in something like PBR(Policy Based Routing) and was wondering if it’s possible to use one device with one WAN interface to load balance to these 10+ VDSL routers?
If yes, what device is good for this purpose?

For our SD-WAN routers, each WAN interface will be connected to a router as the gateway.

Hence, if we size this based only on the number of WANs you need, and throughput of more of 300Mbps, you’ll need either

a. A SD-WAN router that support 10 WAN interfaces, like a Balance 1350 or Balance 2500
b. 3 Balance Ones (2 of them with 5 WANs *unlock via add-on license)

For option b you’re basically connecting LAN to 1 Balance One, which in turn connect its 2 WAN interface to the other 2 with 5 unlocked WANs.

Of course, like what I’ve mentioned this is only based on 2 criterias. There’s more like the number of users this setup is cater for, and $$$.

@Kv_Chen So from what I understand I cannot use 1 WAN interface with more then one router?
I am asking since in my current setup I have 1 WAN Gbit interface which is connected to a 1 Gbit switch.
To this switch I have a network of routers on the same net ie and I am balancing the connections using only 1 physical WAN interface.

Yes. Our design is such that 1 WAN interface goes to 1 router/gateway.

@Kv_Chen thanks.