I still do not have WiFi I need some help

I believe I have my Pepwave Soho set up now but I do not have WiFi still and I need Help. Do I need an other gadget or do I need to make changes to my setup? I am at a loss. Please guide me. We are at week 2 now.
When I put tp-link in the lan port I can have close proximity WiFi but other wise I do not. There is something I seem to be missing in understanding here.
Thank you,
Karen Joyce

Have you looked here?

Wifi is configured in the AP tab. It is on by default out of the box. If the Wifi is off for the router as a whole, you would see this on the main page, the dashboard page.

The SOHO MK3 should have 3 antennas supplied. If they are not attached then the WiFi is minimal.

Thank you Michael,
I remember now that I was reluctant to fully set up wifi until I secured it by not having the firewall disabled. Which also is why I had set up a private LAN. But this is all exhausting and I have more to do than this. So I finished completing the setup but is there for now a fast and easy thing to do with the firewall other than disable? Some simple beginning rules and I can learn more and do more later?

Thank you Walker they are attached. I think I had a few more settings to set up. It may help that I allowed the channels that are not close by too. I am going to see if this change works.
Karen Joyce.

The firewall is enabled out of the box. You have work very hard to disable the firewall.
Terminology: Private LAN is what you start with. For extra security you can optionally setup a VLAN - virtual LAN.

Hi Michael,
I am sorry I am still not being clear. In the AP tab, clicking on the ssid at the bottom is the firewall settings. The default is disable. Must I make a choice and set that up or can I leave it for a while? If I do need to set it up is there a quick set of settings that are wise to choose? Thank you for info on terminology that is helpful.
I appreciate your help.
Karen Joyce